In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Welcome to pearls to reach the stars. Pearls and stars are metaphors. The pearls are very precious, highly valued things and stars indicate a category of excellence. Thus,the aims of Pearls to Reach the Stars are to stimulate our inner feelings, our minds and arouse our spirit in order that our speech, actions and thoughts are reflected positively, optimistically and virtuously as true muslims who are close to God. The collection of some pearls of wisdom from various authentic and reliable sources to reach the stars like motivational quotes, inspirational phrases , poems, aesthetic expressions, for inner stimulation to become a worthy person. May God forgive us and place us in the group of people who have good intentions, who love and help each other for the sake of Him and may Allah place us in the group of As-habul Yamin on the Day of Judgment in the hereafter. Ameen.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


With the rahmah of Allah
there are those with taqwa who get a lot of rewards
that are not their practices and not their physical practices
Not the rewards as the result of their efforts
The niat is good but even though it cannot be implemented, the rewards are given
Such as sufferings, difficulties, sickness that befalls on him, he is patient in accepting
The niat is evil but even though it is not implemented, the rewards are given
People look down, slander, humiliate,
spite and jealousy towards him,
he does not retaliate, in fact pray for the person
His needs that are not achieved
to the extent that he wants but he does not get
he accepts
Knowledge that is taught, then the person who listen to his teachings, practices,
the rewards are given to the teacher
The good that someone does
then it emulated by someone
this is considered as though he has implemented the knowledge
The pious child, the outcome of the training of the parents
whatever is practiced by the child
the parents get the rewards
The needy, the poor do desire
as it is difficult to get
It result in rewards for him
In fact whatever he desires
he is not capable of getting, God gives the reward
There are temptations in the world, that are forbidden, influencing him
for his God, he stays away
rewards are for him
Prayers that are not fulfill in this world
the rewards are given in Jannah
The feeling of being a servant by any servant
the shame with God
the feeling of being with God, all these are rewards
They are not actions
Feeling of fear, love for God
that influences his heart
are also rewards that are not in the form of practices
To see a person in difficulty gives him feelings of compassion
Seeing a person suffering he feels suffering
Seeing a person in comfort or achieving a success
he also feels happy and these are also rewards
These are some of the free rewards
that are received by the person with taqwa
that are not the outcome of action
These free rewards sometimes
there are more than the rewards that are the result of action
That is the rahmat of God for those with taqwa


Human beings, no matter how special they are, can never avoid any hardships
A ruler faces hardships, a powerful leader faces hardships,
a wealthy man faces hardships, an intelligent person faces hardships
what more for an ordinary being and general public
They face all sort of hardships, one after another

The hardships may be in the forms of illness, various kinds of illness,
stricken with poverty, being maligned, being insulted, being grudged,
being hit by a car, fallen from higher ground, had broken limbs, death in the family and affected by natural disasters.

Every so often, man are affected by man-made wars
and various crimes in everyday lives
No one is able to run away from hardships
Where would one find happiness when hardships comeby one after another!
Being poor, stricken by an illness,
at the same time, being insulted and maligned

Without knowing God, without knowing God's plan,
without knowing God's reasons for His actions
With hardships, one will be disheartened, mentally affected
Some will give up, some will commit suicide,
In the Hereafter, suffer in Hell

Knowing God, understanding His actions, understanding His role, understanding why He creates hardships
one will still have enjoyment, one will still have happiness
Examples: 1. With hardships, one will have his sins forgiven
2. With hardships, one will be awarded more rewards
3. With hardships, one will be awarded special status in Heaven in the Hereafter
One receives less in the world,
to get more in the Hereafter with privileges in Heaven, beyond imagination

Man faces various hardships in life
when accepted with open heart
it is considered as ibadah

What has been described above, is it not enjoyment to mankind?
If one understands God's role, isn't hardship a form of enjoyment to mankind?
If one understands God, hardships would be an enjoyment to him
If this is so, there is no reason for unhappiness,
no reason for giving up
Whatever God has set for us, if we understand
All are for our own good
If we understand all these
This is good news
If we understand, isn't it our enjoyment!
If we understand how kind God is to us
with hardships from God, all are for our benefits
If we are patient and in acceptance.
If so, lets enjoy hardships
It is good news from God



How wondrous is our love for each other
when there is a connection of love with God
This love is pure
God willing, it will last a lifetime 'til death
The love between us is strengthened by our love for God
God is the factor that makes the pure love between two souls or among
people last forever
If we want the love between us to last, our love for God has to last
as well
This love is pure 'til death
Love that has no ties to love for God is false love
Usually it does not last, it ends long before death
Even couples who want to stay together
Even if they last, it is out of obligation, there is no joy
Love between siblings and relatives will fade as well
If not tied to the love for God
Love for God is the secret to ensure that the pure love between human
beings will last forever
Love for God secures love to last forever
Difficult to break, hard to get rid of
Let's love others based on this love for God
For it is good, pure and forever lasting



Friends, for the sake of unity, let`s be forgiving
For the sake of perpetuating love and care, let`s be tolerant
Friends, without love and care and unity, it`s an agony
Let`s together perpetuate love and care and unity
We have been squabbling and disunited for too long
Lots of our affairs have been neglected and unsettled
If love and care among us could be joined again
It would be such a bliss, our strength reunited
We have suffered too long with the lack of unity

That is the love and fear of God, the Master of Universe
There is no other bond or ties except the love for God
Besides God, all other bonds or ties are weak, let us leave them behind
Friends, do not wait too long being disunited
It could not be that there is no way out
It has been said earlier, let us together love God
Loving God is the way out
Friends, we shouldn`t be foe among ourselves
No one would suffer except us Muslims
From now on we should not delay any further
Make God the bond or tie for love and care and unity



Every soul yearns for love and care
it’s a natural phenomena
wanting a harmonious life
this is the ultimate happiness

Each soul seeks tender care
longing for protection and respect
human rights shouldn’t be disregarded
transgressors must face justice

Compromise and understanding
are pillars of good living
good reasons and cooperation help endure
a blessed life of togetherness

Where, 0 where on earth
can this be found?
Where, 0 where on earth
can this be seen?

Mankind is crumbling down
hope and trust is disarrayed
by the dark forces of evil desire

Everywhere we see crisis and destruction
war, loss of wealth and life’s oblivion
the poor and the lost gets no attention
the rich, the superpowers terrorise

0 God, you’re our only hope
the Ultimate Protector and Saviour
You’re the Solver of life’s absolution


When I look at the ocean
As far as my naked eyes could gaze
So wide as if there's no ending
Trains of giant waves smashing endlessly
Crashing and spinning
The sounds so frightening and horrifying
The darkness and closeness inside so terrifying
My heart whispers:If the Hell is similar to this
The trains of giant fire, smashing and crashing and spinning
The sounds similar to that of the wind slapping the waves
The waves that never stop roaring
If the fire of hell continuously burning those insidewithout stopping
I will not be able to withstand it
The hell fire of God
Unimaginably much more gruesome
The more I would not be able to endure it.


Ya Rasulullah, you brought love and affection
Those in the wrong you've forgiven
You prayed for your opponents to be given the light
Your heart so pure with no vengeance

Allahummasalliala saiyidina Muhammad

The poor and needy earned your full compassion
You love them so, you provided them assistance
The orphans and widows, you provided them protection
They were always included in your interactions

Allahummasalliala saiyidina Muhammad

Ya Rasulullah, your respect for the neighbours was admirable
Habitually sharing your meal with them
Their wrong doings forgiven willingly
Your neighbours felt so at ease with you

Allahummasalliala saiyidina Muhammad

Among friends you're very faithful
Their needs had your full attention
In fact, their needs had your immediate attention before yours
Your friends humbled and respected you dearly

Allahummasalliala saiyidina Muhammad

Calling on the sick, your favourite visitsattending their funeral, avocation
You're so earnest, so devout
Even your enemies conceded to your kindness



There are various kinds of love, some eternal, some temporary

Some types of love may easily fade away, some not easily faded

Love, a long standing character which could be lost along the journey of life

Every kind of love exits with a reason, some occurs naturally

There are natural love while some are developed

One's love towards or for someone is not similar

There is natural love

Not related to things and material

Like the love of a child towards his parents

Even though the parents are poor, handicapped, with no status, with no good looks

The child would still love and care for his parents

This kind of love would not easily fade away unless the parents are cruel

There is love based on women's beauty, her sexy body

This love is related with sexual desires

When the sexual attraction disappears

e.g. ageing or beauty lost due to an illness or an accident causing physical disabilities

The love disappears, unless the woman has an honourable character

Her love persists due to her character

There is love for the knowledge or intelligence in a person

Fallen in love for his knowledge, then there is automatic love with the person

This love may fade away as well

When his character degraded, the love disappears.

A number of love exist for someone with fame and glamour

Fallen in love with a well known person

This kind of love fades easily as well

If the person is less known due to an illness or loss of self respect

or due to a demotion, the love for him fades away.

Love for wealth in a person is a common occurrence

His wealth is the attraction

This type of love fades easily

When the wealth diminishes or he is stricken with poverty and impoverishment, fades away the love

Some would fall in love in someone for his position and high status accompanying his appointment

Attracted to the status

This kind of love fades away easily as well

Times at the higher position love blossoms, times of demotion, love disappears to nowhere

Also, there are some who are in love in someone for his strength and mightiness

The heart attached to the person

This kind of love is untrue

When crippled or weak due to an illness

Love disappears, the one loved left alone

Majority in the world would fall in love and love those with honourable akhlak (manner)

Generous, loving and caring, being humble, sociable, forgiving, understanding, give and take

Gentleness is his attire, priority to others is his culture plus other kind attributes

Towards this person, everyone falls in love with him

Everybody would be crazy for him, including those with bad habits

Including a non believer

Unless someone with a vengeance

In reality, true and eternal love

Pure and virtuous love unrelated to material things

Love Allah, God in His possession are everything there is

Love not affected by any mishaps

Even though God is invisible to the eye

But His presence felt in the heart

This kind of love achieved only by those with taqwa

Extraordinary love

Those with this love, are unable to describe it.



In this modern era, love and care is very precious.
I have searched for it at every nook and corners of the earth.
I have not found it. It has been a long time.
Love and care has been missing among us

Brotherhood, friendship have gone.
Friends do not visit anymore.
Only acquaintances remains.
You are what you are, I am what I am.
Feelings for one another, there are no more.

Going through hardships is a lonely affair, no one to confide with. Confiding becomes a mockery.
No one to share your sufferings with.
Everyone with their own life and misery.
The norm is " No one care for me, why should I care for others!" Relationship with one another is almost non-existent, very uncultured.
Mutual understanding no longer exits in this era.
Oh God! When will the hearts of humans enjoin one another.
For everyone to love and care one another.
Helping, assisting and cooperating with one another.
Enjoying the feeling of togetherness and living in harmony.

9.12.02 Dhuha

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Letter from an Angel

I find this tears dropping poem very touching.
I wish to thank my brother Abdel Ghani from Morocco
for willing to share his poem with all of us.
May Allah reward his kindness
and may Allah grant him a successful life
in this world and in the Hereafter.

Abdel said: "I wrote this poem after a long moment of deep sadness that led me to see beyond the apparent image. Allah is the Most-Patient because He sees the whole scene, subhanahu wa ta'ala."

Here is his touching poem................

I am sorry mother
But you should be smiling
I'm just leaving my body
And raising high
It is no pain, I assure
The veil was broken and I can see what you can't
I can see a path of light
Tracking my way up to my throne
I can see angels celebrating my coming
As you did when I was born
I can see every moment
Of my short life with you
I catch a sight of the day I came to the world
All of you tthought I was a miracle
Born in a fully destroyed hospital
At home, cakes and drinks were being served
And the light of joy was on every face
My father welcomed congratulations
He was shy to take all the presents
And you, my beloved, were tired
Lying beside me on the same bed
You could hardly open your eyes
But I saw your dreams could set fires
You wanted me to become a nurse
And heal my brothers when they're wounded by the jews
I caught your warm smile
When you thought of me as a bride
Your eyes already filled with pride
You wanted to see me in white
Sweet and blossoming like a lilac
And you wanted to give my hand
To a God-wary gentleman
You wanted to see my offsprings
Joining link with my family tree of martyrs

You dreamed of all that and more
But dreams can be real as can be not
Now I've left my corpse
To a world brighter than yours
On high, I can't see fearsome soldiers
Sowing terror through their guns and hateful expressions
I can't see those greedy liars
Who adorn their smiles
While selling us to devils
None on high is so foolish
To fix a bullet onto an infant head
None on high will bask in glory
For my people's hunger and misery
Where shall they go
When the sky breaks apart
When the little buried one will be asked
For what fault she was killed??
They'll have no shelter from the wrath of Justice

Now I'm bidding you farewell
May we meet on high
In the house of tranquility and peace
Light and joy that never cease
So shouldn't you be smiling, my beloved?
Please, don't cry, mum!
Don't cry!!!!

Author: Abdel Ghani Dabbar, Morocco