In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Welcome to pearls to reach the stars. Pearls and stars are metaphors. The pearls are very precious, highly valued things and stars indicate a category of excellence. Thus,the aims of Pearls to Reach the Stars are to stimulate our inner feelings, our minds and arouse our spirit in order that our speech, actions and thoughts are reflected positively, optimistically and virtuously as true muslims who are close to God. The collection of some pearls of wisdom from various authentic and reliable sources to reach the stars like motivational quotes, inspirational phrases , poems, aesthetic expressions, for inner stimulation to become a worthy person. May God forgive us and place us in the group of people who have good intentions, who love and help each other for the sake of Him and may Allah place us in the group of As-habul Yamin on the Day of Judgment in the hereafter. Ameen.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


How wondrous is our love for each other
when there is a connection of love with God
This love is pure
God willing, it will last a lifetime 'til death
The love between us is strengthened by our love for God
God is the factor that makes the pure love between two souls or among
people last forever
If we want the love between us to last, our love for God has to last
as well
This love is pure 'til death
Love that has no ties to love for God is false love
Usually it does not last, it ends long before death
Even couples who want to stay together
Even if they last, it is out of obligation, there is no joy
Love between siblings and relatives will fade as well
If not tied to the love for God
Love for God is the secret to ensure that the pure love between human
beings will last forever
Love for God secures love to last forever
Difficult to break, hard to get rid of
Let's love others based on this love for God
For it is good, pure and forever lasting


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